Sync and Message Count problem


Loving emClient it really is a nice app and one I hope I can use to replace outlook.  Good work guys! However, since moving from emClient 6 it seems to be constantly syncing and I don’t know how to stop it.

Also, the message count won’t update on folders even if I have read all the messages.  Is there any workaround for these issues or a way to fix this?  I even performed a refresh on the folders but this seemed to make it worse.

Sorry if the the issues I mentioned have been reported by someone else but just wondering if they are already fixed in the official release of emClient 7?

Thanks in advance 

Hello Levi,
these issues have been fixed and will be included in the next update to the BETA, and will definitely not be present in the final release. :slight_smile:


Olivia, I just upgraded from emClient 6 to 7 (7.0.27943).  The message counters are not matching the folder contents.  Multiple folders are showing unread messages, yet when I open them all messages are read.  I tried selecting “Mark all messages as read” in the context menu, but that didn’t help.  How do I fix this?


Hello Guy,
that is indeed a strange issue - what mail accounts does this happen with?
What is your Conversations setting? Menu>View>Conversations.


Show conversations in all views.  This is happening in my Gmail account.  I have lots of folders and messages.  I have the messages routed to folders using Gmail rules.  I still have emClient 6 on a different computer, and that is acting normally.  So this appears to be the result of upgrading from 6 to 7.

I finally scrolled through each folder with a message count, and found each message that emClient had somehow toggled to unread.  When I selected each one of them, emClient then decremented the counter.  Eventually, I got all the counters down to zero.  This points out the need for functionality I’ll request separately as a feature request: actions to “read next/prev unread message”.   Took me a long time to locate these messages manually.

Today I found another oddity.  Yesterday, I sent an email to a mailing list which is in its own folder, again via a Gmail rule.  Today, I don’t see my message in either the ML folder or the Sent folder.  However, someone on the ML replied to my message, and that reply ended up in my Sent folder!  Okay, figured this one out.  This apparently has to do with conversations.  While reading the reply, I noticed emClient said “See 1 more message”.  When I clicked that, it showed my original message.  That’s really weird.  Apparently, emClient combined the reply (which I’m guessing Gmail properly placed in the ML folder) with my original in the Sent folder.  That doesn’t make sense to me.  I’m going to have to turn conversations off.

I think I’ll leave my other computer on version 6 until I can get 7 to behave more predictably.

Thanks, Olivia.

That’s what I’ve been hearing ever since I’ve started to use 7 beta. Now, a couple of months and versions later, I still do not see any mentionable progress. eMC still has severe problems counting and displaying unread messages. It is still not fit for production purposes.