Sync all folders in IMAP at once

Is it possible when I click Send and receive that all new emails are synced in IMAP? because it seems that currectly it only works by clicking in each folder to it show the new messages in that folder. Fact is that makes me unable to know when I have received messages in other folders.

Hi Fernando, to receive automatic updates for all your email folders, you’d have to enable the “Download messages for offline use” option, which will enable automatic downloading of all available messages.

You can enable the option in your account setting in Tools > Accounts > Your account.

Hope this helps,

I’m struggling with the same issue. I do NOT want to download messages for offline use, as it takes too much space on each client. I just want to see headers downloaded for all folders automatically so I know when there are new messages in other folders. Is there no way to get this to happen without downloading all message contents?