switch to offline for Facebook chat does nog work

When I swith to offline, for example for Facebook chat, it appears to others that I am still online. Even if I have no other Facebook interface opened. eM Client tells me that I am offline however…

How to solve this?

Unfortunately, it does not work for Facebook account and we cannot provide any solution at the moment - I am sorry.

Tnx for the reply!
I hope it will be fixed in a future version.
However, eM Client is an excellent program! I’m using it only a few days now, and it is by far the best communication program i’v ever seen.

It’s been quite a long time since this was asked. Is there any solution available already?

Maybe I’ve got a different problem anyway:

I can see the online state on the Facebook sidebar, a green orb with title Online. However, I cannot switch that to offline, which means my Facebook friends always see me as available. I do not want that for privacy reasons, e.g.

Any possibility to got offline or set my visibility to not available?


Hi Mike, unfortunately it is not possible to switch to an offline state while still being connected to the protocol, or to switch to an “invisible” mode, this is unfortunately not an available state for facebook chat.

Thank you,