Switch off repeating of sent messages

Hi there,
an email I tried to send was considered to be spam or virus by my provider t-online as it contained a javascript file. Unfortunately the provider didn’t send a reply, therefore em-client tried to send that mail again and again. As a result my provider blocked my account - too bad!
How can I switch off this behavior that an email is sent again and again or limit it to, say, 3 attempts? I searched the settings but didn’t find a corresponding option.
I would have expected that em-client asks for a confirmation when repeating the sending procedure.
Best regards - Ulrich

I don’t think that you can adjust or limit how many times the mailer will keep trying to send email. However I’m sure someone will update this thread if you can.

Normally any mail client including eM Client will just keep trying the send your email at least aprox 3-4 times automatically over a period of time (as is the norm) once emails go into the outbox.

If an email then after retrying 3-4 times won’t go, eM Client will eventually then give you an SMTP sending error which you can click to see usually just to the right of your account (above your inbox), and also in the (operations log) at the top left of eM Client via the dropdown arrow / menu.

You then would normally just move the email back from the outbox (bottom left eM Client) to your acct draft folder to fix it and try send again.

However if an email does send ok (and leaves the outbox) but is then rejected by the Sending ISP, it normally will then bounce back from your ISP and tell you why in your inbox with an explanation.