Swedish Language Spell Check Missing

It seems you left out spell check in other languages, for example Swedish. You made upgrade to this latest version 7 because of a bug you could not fix with Google Apps in version 6. Now I’m stuck on a new version that’s designed badly, without spell check that I rely on and a client that looks worse. And yes, I paid for this client.

When are you adding swedish spell check???

the default installation only contains few languages, if you need more, you can download them in Settings.
Go to Menu>Tools>Settings>General>Spell-checker and click Download dictionaries….
Choose Swedish and you can set it as default or switch to it whenever you need.

Version 7 is a finished product that was officially released and we’re happy to finally introduce it.
If you are unhappy with it you can revert back to version 6 at any time, download the installation here.
I am unsure what Google Apps bug you’re talking about, but I am sure you have consulted our PRO support previously? Or is there something I can help you with?


I tried that and when selecting Swedish it says file missing or can’t be found.

You have a ongoing bug with version 6 where you get sync errors with Google Apps. It’s not been resolved in v6 so Ihad to upgrade to v7 on your advice.

V7 is badly designed, accessing menus are difficult, for example to run spell check in a different language I have to go through several drop downs. Earlier menus where all easy to access.

You have managed to create a worse product just because you wanted to make it look less cluttered. Less cluttered does not mean a easier to use product.

I’m sorry to hear about your issue. Have you tried to see if the latest version of v6 doesn’t fix the Google Apps issue for you?

I’m sorry to hear that you dislike the version 7 user interface, the Menu just adds one additional step really. Or, if you set the Spell-checker settings to follow your keyboard settings for example, you can change the spell-check language with a simple shortcut on your keyboard.
As for the Swedish dictionary, it downloads and works just fine for me. If you contact me at rust@emclient.com with a link to this thread I can send you the Dictionary files to copy into your database to see if that works or contact our PRO support to assist you directly.