Suppress Sent items from "Unread" smart folder.

I would like the “unread” Smart Folder to ignore my sent items folders. In other words, a sent item would not show up as “Unread” in that list.


sent items in unread disappear after they are sent, unfortunately they appear there due to technical difficulties so in close future this can’t be done.


In practice, this makes it so the “Unread” smart folder is useless.

Hi Derek, I’m sorry you feel that way, the Unread smart folder simply displays all your unread email no matter which folder it is located in.
However that’s why the folder has been created.

Thank you for understanding,

Thank you for understanding… EM CLIENTS FAVORITE term… it’s used a lot, thats for sure.  What i really don’t understand is why this is a substitute for actually fixing things… 

and honestly, does anyone actually understand their lack of creating a product that works better?

I don’t understand, thank you.

Hi Marty, thank you for your constructive criticism, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to submit a little warning here, language abuse and making hateful comments about the team and the product may result in account suspension.


I’m not making hateful comments.  I’m simply tired of seeing the same answer over and over… thousands of times em client staff says ‘thank you for understanding’ that we’re not fixing your problem, improvement or upgrade.  

And if my comments are so horrible to deserve to be ‘suspended’ because you don’t like what I have to say then apparently you really don’t understand.  It’s ok to tell people over and over that their idea, bug or whatever won’t be fixed or improved, but you actually accuse me of hateful comments?  seriously?  Please explain what was hateful in my last comment.  

What exactly is language abuse?  Maybe you guys aren’t in the USA.  We have this little thing called The Constitution and we have something called freedom of speech.  Certainly that’s arguable on a company forum, but what i’ve said was not directed at anyone in particular.    It’s a company mantra, so i don’t really see where i abused you or said anything hateful.  

This is about doing more than lip service about problems people have… not just me…  And if you consider it abuse because I see a comment from a staff person about an issue from a year ago that was addressed and acknowledged as a problem and it was going to be fixed and it’s still not, then perhaps the abuse is coming from the staff who are telling clients the problem will be fixed, but a year (or longer ) later it’s still not working correctly.  Thats the true abuse here.  Not what I say.

Lets be fair, that abuse thing goes both ways…  I’m just pointing out the obvious.   Censoring my comments because you don’t like what I have to say?  How understanding is that?

Hi Marty, note that you’re publicly stating that we don’t care about our customers, that’s a statement I and I bet many other users would disagree with. Also note that you’re currently posting on the community support. Community support is a support centre that we manage, however is for our user base to help each other to resolve issues, questions, share helpful tips or tricks, and help us point out issues with the application, that we may have missed.

It is a free option to get support for the application, as you may guess, free support does not guarantee issue resolution within any set time, if you require priority support you’re always welcome to purchase a PRO license that allows you to use the PRO support at

Feature requests are being carefully considered by the whole eM Client team. I believe you can surely understand that we simply can not implement every feature requested by our users, as this would create a complete chaos in the application.

Best regards,

i have a paid license, thanks for reminding me.

Paul, i don’t think you ‘don’t care about customers’.  I’m sure you’re very concerned about problems… But honestly, when you tell someone their problem isn’t important enough to be added or fixed or whatever that item is and you sign your emails ‘thank you for understanding’, it comes across as snarky and cloying.   It’s like you’re slapping them in the face with that closing line.  

Another vendor i use does the same thing.  They’re in Canada, maybe you guys are also and it’s a Canadian thing ??   

But my opinion is that people see that line and it’s aggravating and annoying to many of us.  Maybe most simply don’t say how they feel but the truth is people DON’T understand when they have a problem you dismiss with that single line over and over.

Sure, if it happened rarely, maybe it could be overlooked, but it’s a regular comment, not simply isolated issues.   It’s constant, you probably use it so often you don’t even realize it.   It’s like saying have a nice day.  You just do it automatically.

But it’s how it comes across.  Remember, my comments today started because i wanted to see how to make Smart Folders work better, so i went on a search of comments like i usually do since i don’t bother writing tech support until i’ve looked for an answer in the forums.  

and when i found others had issues over a year ago, and it’s still an issue today, i got involved.  When i saw ‘we’re not fixing it’ and ‘thank you for understanding’ for the bazillionth time, i got mad.  My problem is small, i ended up setting up a search option that’s ‘good enough’ but it’s a kluge instead of a fix.  Adding Select All or Select folders is an incredibly simple fix.  The folders are already in the database.  inbox, sent, spam etc… It’s not like the wheel is being reinvented… making select folders and option in Smart is not complicated and in all truth, the programmers who code this could add it in short order with little debugging needed.  It’s an incredibly simple mod, but a year later since the original posts, it’s still not done. 

This is the point I’m making.  It’s not you and the others who monitor and respond in the forums.  For many issues, you guys solve problems or explain how to do something and resolve many issues quickly.  The point is the items that go into the black hole of no.  

The problem is many people see an issue won’t be fixed and they move on and forget about it and don’t complain like I have a tendency to do.  I write for a living and type fast so i simply am motivated… Maybe others aren’t inclined to comment.

But maybe the trick is to keep track of repetitive complaints or problems and add them to a thread people can comment on if they’d like to see something added.  

Look at my friends over at RIT and see how often they do updates…  When was the last significant update here?  That’s the problem… Few important updates, and even less major upgrades.   

But just try not telling someone thanks for understanding that you’re not going to be addressing their own particular problem since the truth is most of us don’t understand it.  Less snarky is a good thing even if it’s not meant that way, it’s how it comes across.    

But the key here is issues that ARE listed as planned are still not done a year or more later and THATS a big problem and for me, i really hope you understand.  It’s not personal.  It’s just reality.


Thank you for your comments.