Support service is very poor for this .

Payment has been sent and no activation key has been sent. 

Try this-- go to… and enter in the email address you used to register your account. This should send another email to you

Just a helpful hint, posting multiple messages for the same issue will probably not get your question answered quicker.

Hi Jay

I have clicked on the above link and are still waiting for the email from yourselves to arrive.

I am just a user like you trying to help…  not a yourselves.  I am a bit surprised, I remember that being a pretty instantaneous process.

I know, there is another email address that could be used. I will try it.

I have now clicked on the other email site which I registered when paying for the license and this has also not been sent.

I have clicked on this email address which I used to register and have received a reply to my request for an activation key.

Good news.

Sorry I should have said I have not received a reply yet.

Well then, bad news.  If you purchased the proversion, your are entitled to VIP support.  In eM Client go to menu/help/get support, login (with your registered email account) and enter a ticket.  They are pretty quick on this (typically within 24 hours).

Thanks. Took your tip but was unable to get on the site.