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My OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and I have just installed the eMclient, version 6.0.22465.0.  I have installed my msn email account which is the free version.  although incoming emails are not a problem, but whenever I send out, the emails are sitting in the outbox, and I do not know what I have done wrong, although I proceed slowly and carefully. 

Is there a technical support, like to Microsoft, where the techs take control of your pc, and then look and your software, and then fix the problems while u are watching every move, and have the option to cut off if u are not comfortable.  They are also on the telephone with u while they are doing their work.

or is there a third party vendor who specialize in emclient, as I think I have spent an enormous amount of time without achieving any success.

Thank u.

Hello, eM Client does not provide a phone line support, please note that issue resolution can be a very time consuming process and can’t be always resolved on spot.

Free license users are not entitled to any additional support, but are however able to report all issues or submit queries here on the community support where more people can discuss the issue and is also managed by us as a free support option, you can also find us on live chat during the less busy hours right on our website. You’re also entitled to additional VIP support by purchasing the application, year of support is a part of each license sold and allows you to use remote support and our priority support system available at .

We have an existing reseller program open to all business in order to resell the product and provide additional B2B services, I’m not however sure if anyone’s reselling the product in your area.

I’m working on finding a solution for your issue, but please be patient, opening multiple topics will only slow us down.

Hope this helps,