Wow, unbelievable. I have serious issues with EM Cllent, outlined the problem and with NO ANSWERS the EM Client rep archives and removes my post. I guess this is EmClients idea of support. I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, WORST SUPPORT EVER.

Pamela K James

Hi Pamela.

Olivia did reply to you before she archived the post. You should still be able to view her reply, but if not I can forward a copy to you.

Yes I have her reply which said nothing and resolved even less. Is this the good support you keep mentioning?? I don’t see it.

Pamela K. James
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She explained how to access the License Manager and what might be causing you to enter the incorrect login information.

If you would like me to help with your license manager login, please email me at

You simply don’t get it do you? Ive had at a dozen or more password resets and not one of them worked. I don’t even have a password or user ID anymore, or rather I have no idea anymore of what they should. While you friend Olivia just blew me off as a complainer, I still have no access.
Just so we’re on the same page I’m not done dummy who doesn’t k ow how to enter a userid and password. I hold certs from Microsoft as an MCSA and MCSE. So I would appreciate if someone at that lame company would take their seriously instead blowing them. You think I have nothing better to then go back forth over the fact the EM Clients licensing manager is joke.
All I want is what I paid for, if that can’t happen then refund my money.
I’m sick to death of trying to deal with EM Client.

You can go to and enter your registered email address. That will reset your credentials and send you new login details for the license manager.

My offer still stands if you would like further assistance.

I’ll follow your advice and give it a try, if it works it will be the first time since I bought my licenses. Gary, here is what I don’t think you’re getting. The only reason I even knew that there were major problems with the licensing manager is through my own research. Why when I bought didn’t someone tell that there were issues with the licensing manager and Microsoft’s Silverlight??? What really upsets me is EM Client acting like “problems, what problems, we don’t have any problems”. Typical response from a software company. Well guess what, there is no such thing as software that doesn’t have issues and from the little I’ve been able to use this software it appears EM client has more then it’s share.

All I’ve been trying to do is retrieve, read, and respond to emails and that for some reason is a major problem with EM Client. In my personal opinion there is nothing worse then software company that pretends everything is just fine with the product and the only issues are those manufactured by incompetent users. I guess that approach works for a majority of users who are intimidated by seemingly tech savvy individuals, but it doesn’t work for me. Keep in mind I bought the three licenses almost 6 months ago and have used the software a total of maybe two weeks. That’s why I’m so angry and your friends lack of response and taking my post down before I could even respond to her inane comments didn’t and doesn’t help.
Now I’m going to try this once more, I’ll let you know what happens.

Pamela K. James

OK, I did exactly as you said and I guess I got logged in, at least my full name was shown as my account. NOW, here the really sweet part, according to the LICENSE MANAGER I now only have 1 license instead of three (3) and it’s a FREE license. So there you have it, I followed instructions to the letter and now I have ZERO licenses. That certainly helped allot. Here is my order, see if you can figure what this useless company did with my licenses and my money. Please note the date, that’s about the last time I got to use this software and how long it’s taken to get any form of help at all. This is nuts!!! Obviously I don’t have access so the best help you can offer me is to figure how to get my money back.

eM Client License Info

Dear Pamela K James,
Thank you for purchasing eM Client! 

You have successfully purchased  3  license(s). 

Your License Name:  Pamela K James
Your Activation Key:  ba761cd9-4e00-4634-912c-f6fa4faac283  

For more information on these licenses, please visit our  licensing system  by following the link below. You can also use this system to deactivate or reactivate a particular user’s license. 

Our licensing system can be found at 

Group:  User
Username:  1188297
Password:  jvjcoi 

What to do next? 

  1. Download and Install eM Client.
    If you do not have eM Client installed already, please download it from:
  2. Open eM Client and click on “Menu” in the upper left corner of the main window.
  3. Select “Help” and then “License”.
    The eM Client License dialog will appear.
  4. If you already have a license activated (i.e. Free license), click on the “Deactivate” button.
  5. Click on “Activate”.
  6. Copy and paste your Activation Key from this e-mail into the text field and click on the “OK” button.
  7. Your license now is registered and activated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Sincerely yours,
eM Client team 

Get Support Now at

Is it possible you registered a Free License under one email address, and you purchased the Lifetime License under another email address?

You can check by looking that the address to which the Lifetime License notification was sent.

No, I didn’t, but you can clearly see that I bought and paid for three (3) lifetime licenses, and yet none of them show up. I sent the order which came from my gmail account. All my correspondence with Emclient came through gmail. What’s amazing is you are still trying to find out what I did wrong, because clearly Emcleint isn’t capable of screwing up like this, well I hate to be the bearer of sad news but emclient has and continues to screw up my account while they retain my funds. What’s even worse is that your a lay person trying to help me in regards to Emcleitn, and don’t think I don’t appreciate it because I absolutely do, but in fact, this isn’t your job and I should be talking to someone at Emclient, but of course that’s not possible because they are only concerned with taking your money, as far as I can tell they care little to nothing about the customer which is why I’ve been treated this way since I made the huge mistake of purchasing anything from Emclient. 

This is a company designed and setup to rip people off as far as I can tell. There is no excuse for a software company not having a way for customers to contact them directly. No phone numbers, no real support, just an outsourced group of non-professional people who just answer the complaints and claim they always need to get into your computer with Team Viewer, when the problem continues to be the license manager. Now it’s even worse for me since now I’ve lost 160.00+ dollars and no one seems to be accountable. 

I threatened to complain to the BBB before but it takes allot of my time and effort preparing a complaint, but now that I’ve been ripped completely I guess I’ll make the time. This cannot continue. 

Pamela K James

Pamela, it saddens me that you feel nobody here is qualified to advise you on how to move forward. Maybe because this forum was established for users to support users, no qualifications necessary, that does not sit well with you.

But if it helps, this “lay person” has an MSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, though that is probably as relevant to your licensing issue as your MCSE. :wink:

In the end, you are correct that it is not my job to help you here; it is strictly voluntary.


That response saddens me. Not because I don’t appreciate your helping but this isn’t a issue you can solve unless you have access to EM Clients computers. Matters little that you and I have similar credentials, it only matters that you can’t reactivate my licenses or for that matter anything else that required access to the EM client database. You can personalize it all you want but this isn’t’ about your helping me, it’s about Em Client doing what I paid them to do, supply three (3) lifetime licenses. Are you telling me that your qualifications allow you to get into EM-clients database??? If you can then you can help, if you don’t have access what exactly is it that you propose to do to resolve an issue that was created by EmClient and has NOT been addressed.

Or maybe you think it’s perfectly OK for this company to take my money and then LITERALLY ignore all requests for help, Did you even notice that this has gone on since the inception date of 04/17/2017, so asking me to allow a volunteer to help me with something that has absolutely nothing to do with me or you is ludicrous. Just like I said before, someone at EM Client who has access to the database needs to be fixing the issue.

So if you choose to internalize what I’ve said as something to do with you, I guess that’s up to you. Once again all I want out of this is either 3 good licenses or my money back. After waiting for this damned program to work since April of last year I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

As far as users helping users I think it’s a great idea when it comes to the workings of the program, tips on how to do things better, etc… I do not think it’s a good idea when what’s needed is the activation of my licenses. Are you telling me that as a volunteer, you can activate my licenses??? If you can that would be an even bigger issue since most customers don’t want their accounts open to volunteers.

So I have no idea what it is you think you can do when it is clear that the licenses I purchased are not even in the mix, what would I log into, nothing???I apologize if you’ve gotten your feelings hurt, although I have no idea why, but unless you tell me differently this is not an issue a volunteer can do anything about, this is a company issue.

Here is my suggestion, get someone from the company to find out where my licenses are rather then you and I going back and forth and nothing is being accomplished.

LOL. Pamela, I don’t think that a masters degree and an MCSE certificate are similar credentials, but then maybe you also have a post graduate degree in Computer Science. :wink:

Seriously though, this forum is meant for users to submit questions so that other users can answer them. If you were already certain that your problem cannot be solved by users on this forum, then why even raise the issue here?

Rather, open a support ticket as advised by Olivia.

Actually I have two Masters if that makes you happy. As for coming on here, your right I didn’t expect help, I came on here for the exposure. As far as opening a ticket been there, done that. I don’t need to talk to some foreigner who in almost a year hasn’t helped at all. Let see, just counted them I have requested help 16 times from their supposed support team.

Also since you decided to tell me how smart you are I have a masters in Chem and one in Psychotherapy, do you want to play more games???

Secondly I didn’t ask for anything from you, you jumped in. I came on here to see if I could get someone at Emclient to do their jobs, but again I found out from Olivia that no one at Emclient does anything except to blame the customer.

BTW, why would I need to justify coming on a support forum to you. You tried to help and you couldn’t, I accept that, but now I’m supposed to tell you why I came on here???

Have a great day and just leave my posts alone. Like I said I hoped someone at emclient had some integrity and would save me the effort of writing a long winded report to the BBB, I was wrong, no one stepped but you and if you could’ve helped I suspect you would have.
So thank you, I appreciate your efforts.

Best regards,
Pamela K James

You know, I have stayed out of this string because I thought Gary was doing a great job.  Bui I can’t help myself now.  You have users on this forum (like Gary) only trying to help (despite your attitude) and you are rude and abusive.  There is no place for that here, or frankly on any user based forum.  If you are so unhappy, go use another client and stop the abuse.

Better idea,ind your own business!!!


Hello Pamela,
all your PRO support posts were always answered, which is the place where you can always reach us. Your previous post did not contain any questions about the program it just claimed we are impossible to reach, which is untrue.

Community support forum is a place for other users to discuss and offer each other help and tips.
Since you are harassing other users you will be banned from this forum.

Best regards,
Olivia Rust