Support hidden or unavailable?

I was born and raised here. I was a Professor at Harvard. I am computer literate. I was just promised a free 30 day trial of the PRO version with VIP support and I cannot find support. I cannot access PRO features. Not a good start. Does anyone reply to these postings? Is this considered support?

If you have bought a pro version then you’re not on a 30 day trial. You have access to support when (and only when) you are a pro user, meaning you bought a license.

And for your information this is not ‘Support’, it is a user forum. If you have a question or have encountered a problem with eM Client, someone in this forum might have had the same issue and could help you with it or answer your questions.

During the 30 day evaluation period you have access to all the features of eM Client that are normally reserved for Pro License users. So things like more than 2 email accounts, unlimited translations, mass mailing etc. It does not include VIP Support.

Once the 30 day evaluation is complete, and depending on your circumstances, you need to activate the application with either a Free or Pro License. If you activate a Free License, some features will be disabled and you can only use the application for personal use. If you activate a Pro License, nothing changes except that you then have access to one year of VIP Support.

Hi Gary,
'Your response seems to be a form letter that does not address my request for technical help accessing the evaluation period. Please get back to me or I will assume the evaluation period requires advance payment that will be refunded if I decline at the end of 30 days.
Thanks further,

I just explained how the evaluation and licenses work.

In case that was not clear, there is no support from the company unless you purchase a Pro License. This was outlined in the agreement you accepted when you installed the application.

However, during the evaluation, or of you have a Free License, you can discuss any issues with users here on the forum. That won’t cost you anything.