Support for Whitelist

I have noticed the that program has my list of Google Contacts and their associated tags.

I would like the use an ability in rules that if the sender is one of my google contacts to perform an action. Likewise if the sender is not one of my google contacts, perform an action.

It would also be useful to me to be able to set up rules based on the tags that go along with the contacts. i.e. Contacts tagged as FAMILY would be auto moved to my family folder. Contacts tagged as Doctor would be auto moved to my DOCTOR folder.

This would allow me to filter my email for spam by simply updating my contacts.

You can define a rule like

You have to to define people, folder and the tags

Unfortunately you can’t apply a Rule to a message based on the tag assigned to a contact.

Yes, but if we do, people + tag both at the same time (person + beacon), rather than separately, the problem is solved. No?

The Rule is not linked to the contact at all. It is based an email address only, regardless of whether there is a contact for that address or not.

It was at this request that I proposed the rule.
When the user defines the address, he labels it Family (or other) AND sends it to the Family (or other) folder.

Rules have nothing to do with Contacts. They are for incoming messages. The Rule can only look at the email address in the message when it is received and act on that.

Yes. That is the essence of the requested change. Make the contact information available to the rules module. As the contact information is already available in the app, I know it is programmatically feasible.