Support for switching between 200% and 100% scaling

I currently have a Dell XPS 15 with the 4K monitor. emClient looks great on it. However, my external monitor is a 1920x1200 monitor. This is where the problems begin.
If I log in while my primary monitor is the 4K monitor on my laptop, things are mostly fine. On the 4K it’s sharp, but when I drag the app to the external monitor, the app gets blurry. I understand that because of the way Windows handles scaling (it’s rendering at 200% and then downscaling to 100%).

However, if I log in with my external monitor connected, it is my primary monitor. In this situation, Windows sets the default scaling to 100%. When emClient opens, everything is absolutely massive because all of the dimensions were saved at the 200% scaling. I can maximize the window and the text gets scaled normally, but all of the sizes of each pane are now way off.
So, here’s my request: when saving and loading the size of the window and each pane, please take into account the current scaling mode of Windows. As a programmer myself it’s something I’ve written into my apps. This is the most important thing to me so that I don’t have to constantly readjust emClient every time I switch between using my external monitor while at my desk and the 4K monitor while working remotely (I switch modes several times a day).
And, though not as pressing, if something could also be done about the blurriness when switching monitors, I would appreciate it. But, I’m mainly concerned about the window sizing and positioning.
As a note, I am a paid user (lifetime subscription). With the exception of this issue, I have had no problems with emClient and am very satisfied with it.


Hi Chris.

As you have a Pro License it might be better to open a support ticket and get the developers involved. While eM Client staff do participate on this forum, it is not so frequent.

Will do.