support for gmail 2 factor authentication?

is there support for gmail 2 factor authentication?


if you mean 2 step authentication then yes, you can use it with eM Client.


Are there specific setup instructions?

Yes, here…

in one moment you will need to log in your browser I think, then it will work with eM Client without problem.


everytime I get the gmail loin box. No way it accept the application password as there is no way to save it some where. So I think two step authentication is not supported.

Hello Remco, since we’ve implemented OAuth about a month ago, you do not longer need to have two step authentication enabled as OAuth is a more secure option on how to access your account information.

OAuth reaches to the server and is granted an authorization token once you authenticate with the server using your password, this token essentially serves instead of the application password you were used to insert into the application. Once token is saved you can use your eM Client with your account and revoke access for the application at any time using your gmail account settings online.

Read more about the new feature on our blog:

Hope this helps.

I see that it attempts to, but I only get “You’ve reached this page because we have detected that Javascript is disabled in your browser. The page you attempted to load cannot display properly if scripts are disabled” after I enter my Google Authenticator code.…

The workaround above worked for me. Turn off 2-step verification, add Gmail, turn 2-step verification back on. Be sure to save your verification settings when you turn the verification off, and restore them when you turn it back on.

Hi, I am being asked for new password every 30 day or so - why can’t you use the APP password which is provided with 2-step verification?