Superfluous local folders

After importing from a different e-mail client (Thunderbird), I have superfluous folders in my “Local Folders”, namely “Inbox”, “Outbox”, “Sent”, “Trash”, “Drafts”, and “Junk E-mail”, and they also appear in that precise order and before my “Personal Folders” folder. I do not know how they came to be as I did not create them, I do not know if they existed in my Thunderbird e-mail client which was in turn created from an import from Outlook 2003. None of those folders, except for the “Trash” folder, contain any messages so I presume that I can safely delete them. The “Trash” folder appears to contain messages that I had previously moved to folders under “Personal Folders” which is a sub-folder under “Local Folders” and then subsequently deleted. My intent is to delete all those superfluous folders except for the “Trash” folder. If anyone knows why that would be a bad idea, please let me know.

Actually, I just found out that deleting them is not an option, but I can Hide them. Are they “system” folders which appear when you enable “Show Local folders” under Settings - General and my import from previous e-mail clients had nothing to do with it?

The local folders are system folders.  As you mention, you can mark them not to show.  eM client uses them-- for instance the outbox used by eM Client is the local outbox.

Thanks, Jay. I will probably show the Outbox then.

The outbox will display in the Smart Folders (assuming you have it selected to show) even if the local folders are not displayed.

Thanks again, Jay