Super slow at sync and startup

Every time I try to start up and/or sync it takes forever. I am frustrated to the point that I’m willing to get rid of this app and look elsewhere if there is no solution to this known problem. Has eM developers worked on this issue already?

Could be caused by a number of things.

You can try disabling conversations in Menu > View > Conversations. Some work was done on fixing the conversation issue in the latest versions, so if you are not using the latest, you can download it from

It could be that you are using an old mechanical hard disk. The ones found in laptops pre SSD are noticeably slower and this could affect overall performance.

Some providers like GMail seem to take a lot longer to sync than other IMAP providers. At least initially.

Could just be a slow Internet connection, or incorrect settings.

Disabling conversations cut down my startup time from 2 minutes to 10 seconds.
Thanks for the tip.