Super slow and extremely unreliable

Crashing million times per day. Need unbelievable amount of time to download the new e-mail.searchng is really painful. Is fit only for home user for a 3 e-mail per day. To work all day with this app is a total nightmare. I really I had a lot of e-mail but this is business e-mail, this is my job and Em Client is no chance to fit on my needs. (247-54814) eM Client. I know I have more than 50 000 e-mail and my needs a big but this app is far far away from what I need.

Hi Kaloyan,

Did you try reinstalling eM Client? If it didn’t help, I’d recommend starting with a new database.You can find a guide on how to start with a new database in our FAQ:


I really like your product. I use it for more than one year. I try everything reinstall with special software deleting all data and everything. And keep crashing a few times per day. I working with e-mails I really have more than 50 000 emails but crashing really a lot.