Suggestions improving the mail

Hi there,
First time user to Em Client, overall is not bad, but i have major problem with the mail lists (not folders but lists).

  1. There seems to be no way to move the mail lists to the right or top, its always to the left, which i don’t find very convenient. i want my emails content to be in the center of the screen not to the right of it, and the lack of option about that really surprised me for a commercial product. Thunderbird has this from a long time ago.

  2. Mail lists width. When you decrease the with of the mail lists, mail subjects get hidden instead of word warping them on a second line. Also the maximum height for the line height is only 27 px.

  3. On the sound settings, it will be good if you include “play” button so we can preview the sounds.

  4. On the dark theme, the mail  header is still white.

  1. I think you can do this by clicking Menu / Tools / Settings / Appearance / Layout and selecting one of the radio button options. 

  2. This is also adjustable. When the left column gets narrower than your preset number of pixels, it reformats itself to double up the columns and shore (more or less) the same amount of content in less space. 

That’s all I got. 

Hi, thank you for the replay.

  1. Unfortunately you can’t, you can get messages at the bottom and list on top, but you cannot make messages to the left and list on the right.

  1. The mail subject dosn’t expand to the next line, at least for me, here is a screenshot. I have put the maximum line height of 27px.

You can change the message panel colour by editing the theme.

First export your desired Theme. Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes > Advanced > Save current theme as . . .

Then edit the exported theme file with your choice of editors. Search for the line that contains MessagePanelBackground , and change the colour to your choice.

Back in eM Client go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes > Import. Select your edited file.

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