Suggestions for email app for phone?

Hi all, I totally understand that there is no email app for em Client for IOS and instead of complaining about it, I would just like to know what others use for their iphones. I really don’t like iphone mail service and now that I have found em Client I am looking for something that comes close to the quality and functionality of em Client.

Also, just FYI I keep my computer up to date with all security features and us McAfee and I have not had em Client crash on me not once.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have found Outlook for IOS to be the best for me.  The focused inbox is particularly useful.  I’ve tried a bunch of others, but always seem to go back to Outlook.

I like the look of AirMail, but I agree with Jay about Outlook; it is probably the best email app for mobile devices.