Suggestion for Snooze option in Settings V8

A Suggestion for the Snooze Function (as an option) in Settings for V8.

Currently when snoozed emails appear back in your Inbox or All Inboxes (after being snoozed) as in my first screenshot below, the snoozed to (date and time) is highlighted orange.

eg: The original email date i received an email below was the 20/04/2020 11.30PM , and i snoozed it till the 21/04/2020 8.44AM so it then appeared back in my Inbox at that (snoozed to) time as currently works.

Suggest to also have an option in the Settings / Snooze function to (change back to the original date and time) but still have the orange color highlight when it appears back in your inbox / inboxes, as i like to know when the actual email arrived with the (original date & time) but still would like it highlighted so i notice it. See second screenshot.