I would much appreciate if the menu bar could be clearer and also with the addition of test, as for example in this Windows Mail screenshot.

Thank you

Hello Stefania,
thank you for your feedback, could you perhaps specify what you mean by cleaner bar in the first screenshot?
The toolbar can be customized, so you can remove buttons from it. Just right-click the toolbar and customize it.


Thanks again Olivia. I know I can customize the toolbar, and in fact I put the buttons I prefer (I would like some others anyway, like in Windows Mail, the program I have used on Windows Vista for years).

I’m speaking of a more “friendly” look, not in fact of functions. It’s a suggestion for your next release.

At the moment I’m struggling with something else: my yahoo configuration in em client often gives problems :frowning: (it says CONNECTION FAILED and always asks me password again. I do not have these problems with my other account (fastweb) on Em Client)

The WLM Ribbon on Windows 8 was very functional and friendly with easy discernable big colorful buttons…

I’d like it to be taken in consideration…

Hello Stefania,
I asked for more information so it’s better understood what you’re asking for and in that way, our developers could consider.
After all, we cannot consider something if we do not understand what you have in mind :slight_smile:

 As for your issue - please start a new forum thread as Problem and include more information about the error - perhaps screenshot the error message and copy the content from the Log tab in the same Opeations window.


thank you Olivia… maybe next time it would be better if I write in italian, my mother language, and then the online translator will do the rest :wink:
anyway, my suggestion was to make the graphic look more appealing essentially.
have a good day

even something like this would be useful to avoid too many clicks while writing an email