Suggested Column additions

I would like to suggest the addition of 2 more columns in the email list.

1 - A JUNK column so that a message would automatically be designated and sent to the Junk folder when selected.

2 - A READ column that will automatically mark a message as READ when selected. (Those messages you know you don’t want to read, but may want to save.)

Either or both could be made optional in Column Configuration, but would be very handy to have.

To be very honest, these additional columns are not so necessary, as you can get such functionality by proper configuration of the eMC. 

Hi John, not really sure if these are missing features, you can setup a time to mark message as read after X seconds of viewing, or manually mark it as read by right clicking the message and select “mark as read”, we’re currently considering making the mail icon clickable to change message flag from unread/read.

You can also move messages instantly to junk using a shortcut (just as with emails) or by clicking the “move to junk” button in the toolbar.

Hope this helps,

Only just found eM Client and already entranced.

It might be that I don’t know how to do it  but I would really love the ability to delete, mark as read or spam messages directly in the preview. Forgive my ham fisted mockup:

I know you can right click and delete, or go to the bar above but it would be great to go down the list quickly clicking on to rid myself of the rubbish emails that I get sent. Its less mouse movement & clicking…

Maybe grey out the icons until you mouse over them… and make the icons configurable :slight_smile:

Looking forward to using eMC, I have finally weaned myself off Outlook (at least for my home personal email) and I have been looking for a gmail desktop client - think I might have found it…

Hi BogBeast,

Of course you can just press on the [delete] key of your keyboard if you want to delete a message … that should even be faster than moving your mouse to a small icon and clicking on it.

Please also have a look at the shortcuts in eM Client:

tools > settings > general > shortcuts

True, but you have to mouse over to the email, select the email, then hit the delete key.  Or you have to go through all the suspected junk, CTRL select each one and hit delete.  I’d rather do it as I come to each one as I check my emails.
With a junk column, you just hit the Junk switch in the Junk Column.  One click and it’s gone.

Hi again, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding a checkbox or a button to quickly sort the messages in the list, but note you can also select multiple messages at once using your shift key or ctrl key.
Hold the control key and click on the messages you either want to delete or move to junk and once you finish selecting your emails, just click the button in the toolbar and you’ll be able to apply the same action to all the selected messages.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul. Point taken but also appreciate your willingness to look a suggestions.

No problem, glad I can help. Please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions.

Thank you,