Suffenly I can "send" mail but it is not received on the other end I uninstalled recent Windows updates but that didn't help

Mail being received on other end

If you can send email and it’s showing in your sent box and doesn’t bounce back as failed in your inbox then the problem is normally at the receiving end.

Send an email to your own email address and see if you get that in your inbox. If you do then nothing wrong your end.

The most common reason is that the recipient has your email in their eg junk / spam mail folder or they may have a filter to block certain email addresses or sending mail domains.

I did send myself an email shows up as sent but I did not receive it

Ok. Sounds like then your specific SMTP mail server might be the problem and possibly delaying mail for some reason unknown. I would then contact your ISP technical support for assistance.

The other possibility is that eg your ISP SMTP mail settings may have changed or been updated. Your ISP
technical support can dblcheck that with you as well.