suddenly my computer won't launch emclient (which i installed a couple weeks ago) so now i can't access ANY of my emails! HELP!!!

can’t launch em client so i can’t access any of my emails!!!

Could be that your EMClient database has become corrupted and just taking forever to load, or you might have some sort of eg: Harddisk sector error and the disk is delaying loading EMClient. 

Do other programs also not open as well, or is it only EMClient ?.  If other programs also won’t open or taking longer than normal, then you might need a technican to look at your pc.

However If its only EMCLient that won’t open anymore, then try running the EMClient database repair tool to see if that fixes the problem -

If that still doesn’t fix it, and you have alleady tried rebooting your PC.,  try uninstalling and reinstalling EMClient with the latest version -