Suddenly 100% of the mails show an empty body

Suddenly, 100% of the mail’s bodies are empty, online or offline, in preview or full view. In the servers the mails are not empty. Furthermore, I am trying to update to latest eM version but that fails because it can not remove the previous version because the previous installation file can not be found (*AppData/Local/Temp/bscpgqhv.qvp\setup[1].msi ). Reboot did not help. I suspect this might be related to reactivating my free license. The thread about empty mails from 2016 does not seem connected to this issue. Any advice how to fix this?
My current version is 7.2.36908.0

Download the required version from the Release History, then close eM Client and run the install file.

Thanks Gary, by “required version”, do you refer to the newest one or to the currently installed version?

Sorry - whichever version you are trying to install.

If you want the latest and remain on 7 then it will be 7.2.50008, or else whichever is the latest version 8.1

I tried, the problem persists.
see attached screenshot

And after I click OK it says that the older version cannot be removed, Contact your technical support group

First uninstall the old version, then install the new one.

I was afraid that if I uninstall from control panel all my mails are deleted. But:
In any case I found the solution: I downloaded it from the Microsoft Store and the install worked. I am now in 8.0.3481 and can see my mails again. thanks in any case