Sudden wonkiness in position on screen & line length in email preview column

When I closed EM client yesterday, after 6 weeks of using it, I noticed that at some point while I was working on something else  –  it had dropped almost completely below the task bar.  It looked  the same today when I opened it, so that I had to drag it up in a series of awkward maneuvers.   I could just barely see “File Home …” etc. vaguely at the bottom of the screen.   When I got it halfway restored, I had to do a lot of clicking and dragging to try to fit the folder column, the in-box column and the mail preview column onto one page, as I had been using it for 6 weeks.  I tried scaling down the font size of the preview column, but the line lengths are so long that they don’t fit onto one page.    They just go way off to the side.    Can someone tell me what I inadvertently did that caused it to almost fall off the screen, and what can I do to restore its functionality?

Hello Markeeta,
could you please take a screenshot of your current layout? I must say I can’t quite phantom what exactly happened there as well.
Have you tried checking some of the Appearance settings in Tools > Settings > Appearance?

Best regards,