Successful account setup, then disappearing after a few hours

Hi, I’m having success/failure setting up eM. I’ve been using the latest version of Outlook Web Access, which is POP of course, and I have eM version 5.0.1…, which I think is the latest. Twice I’ve been able to get the account going, imported all emails (and even folders, I love it!). Then I go away for a few hours and come back… and all the email folders and mails are gone.

When I go to Accounts, the account is still listed with no details changed. Am I doing something wrong? The two account setup methods I’ve tried so far are clicking New Account then entering MSN email and password in in the Automatic Setup row at the top, then clicking Start Now; the other way is clicking New Account, then scrolling down to the Mail options, selecting Windows, then clicking Next and giving email/pass info. The second method seems more reliable. Many thanks for any help!

Please install the latest version of eM Client from here:… and let me know if it helps.