subsribe/unsubsribe folders for IMAP

Is possible to hide unsubscribed folders? Thunderbird can do it and it sets “unsubscribe” status on a server so server stores this information.

what is “unsubscribed” ?
It means folder is not visible in Email client, but it is still preserved on server.

I hid them under “other” folder, so I don’t see them, but still EM client is checking new mail there. And I have a lot of them with lot of data I don’t need email client to store at all.

unfortunately you cannot choose which folders to synchronize for IMAP from eM Client’s side.
Some mail providers will let you specify what folders/labels to include in IMAP stream (for example this option is in gmail’s webmail settings).
Also, unless you have the IMAP account to download data for offline use, eM Client only stores the headers of the emails, so there should not be that much data to store.