subject line i-8859-2?Q?

have problem with subject line with local characters in 8859-2 code page. every time subject line is changed and look like: Kupac =?i-8859-2?Q?Q?:_ENT_-_Opis:_Odr=BEavanje_LI-IMS_
“=?i-8859-2?Q?Q?:_” and “=BE” is inserted without control. Synchronization is IMAP. Subject is not changed on server. Outlook, Thunderbird and webmail does not have that symptoms.

Hi, what version of eM Client are you using? Is this an issue with incoming mail only (is it a problem with all incoming email).
Can you maybe make a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you,

Halo, I have the latest version. Yes, this issue is only with incoming emails but only with emails that have no-English letters. I think that first no-English character in subject line you can see in a screenshot “ž” trigger that bug. When I have only English characters everything is fine.


One example with all English characters.

Hi Kresimir,
can you please export one of the messages into a .eml file and send it to my email (, you can do that by simply drag and dropping the email onto a new message.

However this seems like a server issue, since the encoding of the subject line is improperly displayed. Maybe it would be best if you contact your mail service provider. Or if this is an issue with just one sender, contact him to contact his mail service provider to fix this issue. Because it looks like this really isn’t connected to eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,