Subject keeps getting longer


When I answer or forward an email serveral times, the subject keeps getting longer
(for example: RE: Antwoorden: RE: Antwoorden: RE: Antwoorden: Subject - the “antwoorden” part is the subject adjustment of eM Client (in Dutch)).

Adjusting this in the settings makes no difference…
Is there a way to fix this?


You can adjust this option in the menu Tools - Settings - Mail - Compose under the “Subject modifications”.

Thank you for your answer!
Howerver, this doesnt work. Everey option (Re: - Re: Re: Re: - Re[3]:slight_smile: I choose has the same result…

Any other ideas?

Could you send me one of the problematic messages saved as .eml please? Thank you.

This happens when the emails come from an older version of Outlook. It should not happen with last two versions …