Subfolders (nested folders) like Thunderbird

Hi. Thunderbird has feature for creating subfolders even when webmail doesn’t support them, like Seznam

If folder’s name include symbol | then everything behind | is understood as subfolder. Example:


In Thunderbird looks like:


  • NIce
    – Tickets
    – Hotel
    – Sightseeings
    – PoliceProtocols

  • NeverMore
    – Nice

eMClient, as I test now, cannot support same or similar brilliant feature. Please, add it. If possible, NOW! :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you could create whatever local folders you like with whatever subfolders you like, and then set up a rule to move emails from folder holidays to your local folder holidays. Then sort your emails however you want with as many subfolders as make sense for you without weird tricks.


Yes, I forgot Local Folders, OK.

But still - if I have rules also on server why making them separately also in client again.

You could do a feature request for emclient to add the | symbol to be interpreted as a subfolder to compensate for email servers that don’t support sub-folders and users who need it but don’t want to use local folders - For example, needing those subfolders synced across multiple devices. It would be a cool feature. Not sure how many would need it though.

I’d like them to offer to launch the Tapi dialer for phone numbers, and don’t suspect I’ll get that either.