Subfolders: Missing & duplicated!

I have two gmail accounts that are automatically shown in my eClient account - and until recently, both accounts were shown in eClient with their subfolders listed correctly.  Then - sometime in recent weeks - one of the gmail accounts seems to have lost its subfolders and is actually showing the subfolders of the other account!  i.e. one of the gmail account’s list of subfolders has been replaced with the other one’s - duplication plus loss!!

By-the-way - my gmail accounts (from gmail, not eClient) are working correctly.  Both have their correct list of subfolders.

Obviously, I can still access all my subfolders - but only via gmail direct.  eClient no-longer  works properly in this respect.  It used to do!

Hi Fred,

have you tried to remove and add your Gmail accounts again from scratch?
It can happen that sync goes wrong but by re-adding affected account you should refresh all information from server and it should sync properly.
Also you can send us screenshot and IMAP logs to, to create them go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Advanced>Turn on IMAP logging.