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Hi, I have a folder (A) under which I have 4 subfolders (1,2,3,4). I have set up rules so some emails go to the appropriate subfolder.
My problem is that when a new email arrives and goes to one of the 4 subfolders I do not get a number badge on the top folder (A) that something has arrived.
I must have it expanded in order to see if anything new has arrived.

Is there a solution to that?


That is correct behavior because the new message is not in folder A, so there is no unread count for folder A. Rather it will be in folder 1, so the unread count will be on folder 1.

Thanks Gary,
Agree, but what if someone has more than 1 master folders and more than 4 subfolders
and does not want to have them expanded as it would not display them all.
Wouldn’t it be better and tidy to have a total count as a badge on the master folder?
Just a thought.

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Some other users have also suggested it. I wouldn’t find it helpful though, as I would end up searching my Inbox for hours for the unread message, when it is actually in a collapsed sub-folder.

The Unread Favorite folder goes some way to solve that issue by indicating that there are unread messages even when the trees are collapsed.

Fair enough but I don’t understand why you need hours. All you have to do is expanding.
For example, if you have a x badge number on your master folder, then you know that you have x amount of unread emails on the subfolders and when you expand the master you can see the badges of unread on each subfolder and so on.
How does that sound?
Thanks Gary!

Because the unread count would be incorrectly showing for folder A when most of the unread messages are somewhere in one of it’s sub-folders. Maybe even a sub-sub-sub-folder. I have tens of thousands of messages in folder A, and it is showing an unread count of 101. Actually there are only 30 unread messages in that folder but I have no way of knowing that. I would be scrolling up and down, expanding and collapsing again, trying to find the unread messages 31-101 and trying to keep track in my mind how many I have seen that are unread in each folder. I would have to also remember I saw 20 in A/1/a/6/c/7/e and 15 in A/1/a/6/c/7/c. Maybe I saw 57 in A/1/a/6/e, but if that folder only actually has 50 unread, and I have no way to know that without manually counting them, then where are the other 7? Maybe in A/1/a/6/c/7/e/2/d/4? But I did not see that folder because it was collapsed and I thought I had expanded A/1/a/6/c/7/e/2, but maybe I only expanded A/1/a/6/c/7/e/1. To recheck again where the missing messages are would mean another few minutes wasted, and now I have lost count and have to start all over again.

Better if each folder showed only the unread count for the message in it, rather than a running total of all unread in it’s sub-folders.

Yep, message received loud and clear!
I didn’t have so many subfolders in my mind when I wrote it but you never know how many someone might have, so what you say, makes sense!

Another thought if I might?
Can the subfolders have a ‘Show if unread’ option as well?

Thanks Gary, nice chat! :slight_smile:

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Yes, unfortunately only level 1 folders can have show if unread. ;-(

So system folders like Inbox and Sent, and any folders you create on that level.

Thanks for all the help/info Gary! :slight_smile: