Subfolder can not create

Hello, this is good application. 
I want to try. I use Yandex my custom domain. Switched from Outlook to eM Client imap.
But It is not creating my subfolders. I take this error,

17:59:09 [IMAP]  MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: “ Kutusu|Darukum|” klasörü sunucuda oluşturulamıyor. ([CLIENTBUG] CREATE INBOX subfolder cannot be created sc=Fxbq2n2EnCg1_141459_27j)

Another thing,
I tried first import to eM Client local folder.
All folders coming and then copy folder to imap account folder.
Problem is;

Main folder coming
Sub folders coming but its taking new name with main folder name.


Translate (main folder)
   John   (sub folder)
   Travis   (sub folder)
   Tolga   (sub folder)

When i copy to imap from local;

Translate (main folder)
   Translate / John   (sub folder)
   Translate /Travis   (sub folder)
   Translate /Tolga   (sub folder)

Hello Tolga,
could you copy the full error message from the Tools>Operations>Error window?
Also, is the single line the only thing in the log concerning this error?


Hello, im sending error message.

that is way more error messages than you mention in the original post.
The full log would help us very much.


How can i send full log to you?

Thank you.

click inside the log window, Ctrl+A to select all, Copy and Paste it either here or in a message to me ( with a link to this forum thread, please.