sub folders are not downloaded

Hi, Ive just installed emclient and non of my subfolders are downloading from BTYahooMail.  Ive checked all the settings and the mail comes in.  Because the sub folders arent downloading I cant get my mail to sort.  Cany anyone guide me please as to what I may be doing wrong.  I have searched through the forums but Im struggling to understand some of the answers.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Gillian,

Does it happen only with subfolders? Which means that your 1st level folders are populated with your emails as they should?


Hi Russell

everything is downloaded to my inbox.  As its the first time Ive used emclient, the folders that the mail is sorted into need to be created.  I tried creating them first and then create the filters to sort.  When I run the filters the folders are deleted.  So I tried creating the folders at the point of creating the filter.  When I run the filter, nothing happens.  Unless its a brand new email.  So I have thousands of emails in my folders on btyahoomail with mail in them which isnt being downloaded and synched.  All thats been downloaded is the stuff sat unsorted/filtered in the inbox.