Sub-folder Searching In Em Client

Hi Guys, let’s say I have a “Contacts” folder under my Inbox and let’s say that “Contacts” folder has many subfolders (each with the name of one of my contacts). In Outlook I can highlight the “Contacts” folder and begin typing and it will jump to a folder based on what I’m typing (if I type “Mich” it will jump to folders starting with “Mich”). In eM Client it will only jump to the first folder starting with “M” than jump to folders starting with “i”, then “c” and so on. I’m wondering if this will be fixed in a future release or if there is some way to customize this functionality?

Hi, this is already implemented, problem is that you have to click double time on “inbox” folder. it needs to be light blue not gray, then it will have focus and you can use keyboard to search between folders.


Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I’ve just tried your solution and it doesn’t seem to work. The “inbox” folder highlights in blue after I double click it and typing to search the subfolders does the same thing as I stated earlier. It will just jump based on the folders starting with “M” then “i” and so on instead of jumping to a folder starting with “Mi”. I’m hoping to migrate to Em Client from Outlook and this is the only thing stopping me so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.…