student who only needs 3 email accounts but no VIP support or Commercial use

Good day,
I am a student and have 3 email accounts . 1 of my University , 1 personal and 1 professional. I totally agree that you need to earn money to run this company but €39 is way too much for an average student just to have 3 accounts. Please, I am willing to pay €15 for only a third account and no VIP support. please make me an offer that fit’s my needs and many other students needs.

Hello Wissam, unfortunately there’s no other pricing option that would allow you to purchase the application without the VIP support option and ability for work/commercial use.

We’re currently considering this option, however adding such option would require adjusting many other aspects such as our licensing, support option and payment system options. Such change would likely be implemented with a new version release rather than a simple update.
Thank you for the suggestion.

Does this mean that it might come with the new version of eM Client this summer ?

Hello Wissam, unfortunately I can’t share any more details as no decisions have been made regarding this matter yet.