Stuck in Outbox

Can someone help please? recently when I try to send an email (with or without attachments) it remains in my outbox. It does not send always immediately? When it finally sends after refreshing, it does send but still remains in my outbox even when successfully sent?

I have had the same problem. Oddly it is intermittent, some days it happens, others are OK.

Go to Menu > Tools > Operations and look for any SMTP errors in the Log tab. 

In the mean-time, disable your antivirus application and see if you can send.

yes - intermittent for me too and haven’t managed to resolve it yet

Tried all that and nothing?

It is unlikely that if a message is stuck in the outbox, and the anti-virus/firewall application is disabled, that there would not be an SMTP error in the Log tab.

There is nothing in the error tab. The message has sent, it’s just that it appears in the outbox as well?
I’ve sent several emails today and it hasn’t happened - it seems very intermittent which makes it even harder to resolve as no changes have been made with anti virus or other apps etc.,

Who is the email provider Terri?