Stuck between old and new versions.

I downloaded eM in July, and last week was asked to download updates, which I did. I am running Windows 7. Problem is, the next day my laptop wouldnt boot up, and I was given the option for a System Restore, which I took. Now when I try to start eM Client, I get a msg to say that “The database present on this computer was created by a newer version of this application. Please make sure you are launching the newest version of this application”. So I downloaded the newest version from you website, but Set Up only gave me the option to Repair or Remove. I took Repair, which completed OK, but the problem has persisted. It seems that the System Restore I did yesterday knocked me back to the earlier version, the database has been converted to the newer version, and I am now in no-mans land. Can you please help?? If I remove and reinstall, will I lose all of my emails and contacts?
thanks Deb

First back-up your exist database. The database would locate here: C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

Than uninstall the eM that is in your machine followed by restart. After restart download and install…

Hey, thanks a lot - the problem is now fixed!!!

Glad be able to help.