Couldn’t find a Strikethrough button anywhere. One support answer suggested under “format” but it isn’t there. does it exist? 

There is no strike-through button that I can find, either.

You can still do it (a) highlight the text in question, (b) right-click, © select format / strikeout, (d) click apply (or go through the format / font-dialog to do the same, and more).

If you’d like an easier, more direct way to do it, consider up-voting my posted “idea” Quick-format shortcuts and/or toolbar buttons in message editor in hope it might catch eM devs’ attention someday.

Thanks, this is very helpful! It is a little long-winded but at least it is there!

I would be happy to up-vote your suggestion for adding a strike-through button, but the link you provided is for another button…

Glad it helped. As for my other post, it is not about any particular button or shortcut. What I am proposing is a generic way for each user to define quick-access shortcuts/buttons to formatting styles they frequently use. If that feature were to be implemented, you could use it to define your own shortcut for strike-through, I could use it to define my shortcut for a specific font/size/color combination, and everyone could use it for their own favorite formats as they see fit.

got it! I think it’s possible to customize many (settings > appearance) but not options buried in rabbit holes such as Strikthrough…