Strange repeatable mail editing bug


I experience a strange bug on the latest version (7.1.30794.0)

When editing a mail body, if I press simultaneously “Ctrl+Right Shift”, the text alignment goes right. (This is maybe a feature, I don’t know)

But, first bug : if I press Ctrl-Z (Undo), the right alignment is not undone, but the previous typing is undone instead (it seems the right alignment does not go to the undo stack)

Also, if I align a paragraph with the tool button, then the “Ctrl+Right Shift” is not working anymore.

It seems the alignment shortcuts are somewhat broken.

This is fully repeatable, even on a blank e-mail.



Do you mean right aligned or right-to-left text as in Hebrew? I think that Ctrl+R Shift switches to that. Maybe Ctrl+L Shift does the opposite?