Strange behaviour with Exchange schedule

I have discovered a strange behaviour on my Exchange calendar. I had around two years ago created a weekly recurring event (Friday) on my Blackberry. The Blackberry is linked to the Exchange server. Blackberry shows the reminder, I can edit it and it reminds me on Fridays.

MS Outlook does not show the event, hence I can not edit it but it reminds me on Fridays.

EM Client does not show the event either but I do get the reminder on Wednesdays!?

Has someone else discovered something like that before? How can Exchange have invisible appointments but somehow kick of the reminder and why does the Blackberry still show it? I find that weird and worrying.

I do not think this problem is immediately linked to EM Client but maybe someone stumbled across a similar problem or could imagine what the reason could be.

Hi Dirk,
that is definitely a curious problem, but it seems it’s linked more to the exchange calendar more than any of the other devices and programs. Have you tried contacting someone from Microsoft exchange server support?

Best regards,