Storing emails as separate files

I’m exploring about using Emclient to replace my existing outlook 2016.

The major problem I’m facing with Outlook is that it stores all emails in outlook.pst and if this file becomes large then it crashes and sometime damages the outlook.pst

I want to know whether Emclient stores each and every email as a separate file or in a single file like Outlook.

emclient’s database structure is different (not a single pst file)

we have our own .DAT database files which store the mail data.
It’s not a single file but not separate file for each message either.
This enables the program to work faster than it would if it had to search through separate files for each message.
If you worry about the safety of your mail data make sure to enable automatic backups in Menu>Tools>Settings>General>Backup so you can restore your files at any time.


Thanks Olivia, but where do I find how to store emails, deleted mail in trash and in the sent folder please?