Store replies in host folder

Feature request or maybe I have not the found the proper way.

I am a mail intensive sales director (who is not mail intensive lol?).

I store all my emails in specific folders under my inbox.

When I reply to an email, I would like this new email to automatically be stored (filed) in the host (original) folder.

This is the behavior in original Outlook but not the New (Bad) Outlook. This missing feature is one of the reasons why I am switching to eM.

You can create a Rule to move messages sent to a specified address to another folder, but unfortunately it’s not possible with most servers. If the server itself creates the message in the Sent folder after it has sent it, there is nothing for the Rule to do when you click on Send.

But with eM Client’s conversations, it doesn’t matter where the sent message is. It will be displayed combined in a conversation with the message you replied to. So if the message is in your Inbox and you reply to it, you will see both together in the Inbox. And if you later move the received message to another folder, your replies will still be grouped with it in a conversation in that folder.

How does Outlook do then?