Store Replies in Folder

Is there a way to store replies/sent emails in the folder I am currently working in?

A nifty feature in both outlook and gmail is the ability to save a copy of the reply in the folder I am working - see below:


Haven’t got a clue, never used eM client for months thought it was rubbish. 

I have been happy with emclient v7 so far, seems to work very well as a desktop client for gmail - it syncs mail, tasks and calenders fine - it is just a little lite on some features so far - however, time will tell - it all comes down to what you need from it and what it can do - just curious, if you thought it was rubbish, and no longer use it, how come you still participate in the forums?

unfortunately this option is not available in eM Client at this time.
I can add it to our feature request list so our developers can consider it in future versions.

At this time you can add rules to your sent messages in Menu>Tools>Rules either depending on the recipient or words in subject etc. to then be moved to a specific folder.