Store a backup of everything, then remove old mail from main account

Like so many others, I want to backup about 10 GB+ of emails, plus everything currently residing in MS Outlook, plus any archived PSTs I still have. It’s at least 100,000 emails; 10+ years.

I want to backup everything together, then remove most of the old mail from my main gMail account.

As I learn about IMAP, and how changes in one place become universal, well, before I make a mess and lose data, I want to verify…

After I make EMC completely functional with one gMail account, and after I import ALL of my Outlook 2007 content (including folders – after I learn how to do this), once I have everything loaded to my local drive (not just headers), can I create a new, fresh, empty gMail account and simply copy everything from the full email account to the empty fresh one as a sort of “backup”? I know this is not the built-in backup function…yet it would be another copy living on the Google servers AS a backup…

Essentially, my plan is to send copies of everything to the new gMail account, then delete everything older than a year from the original gMail account in order to pare down it’s bulk. I know this will take a lot of time, yet the computer and your software will be doing the heavy lifting --if I have the correct plan and proper settings.

Have I got this right? Is my thinking flawed or on-target?

Many thanks in advance


your logic seems sound, just be careful if you want to copy emails from an IMAP account make sure that you downloaded all of the mail’s data and not just the header. In Tools > Accounts and under IMAP tabs of each account your should check the option “Download messages for offline use” and “Include attachments and images” to make sure you don’t lose any data.

Good luck,

Thank you!