Stopping Junk/Spam

I have been using eM Client for three months and am very pleased so far, but have a continuing problem with Junk/Spam email, I keep getting emails which typically end as follows,
I have used “Move to junk and blacklist email”, also “Move to junk and blacklist domain”, but neither of these functions stop the mail, is there another way to stop this pointless and irritating mail.

Thanks in advance

Paul Lewis

It’s been a while, so I don’t remember the exact process. I too had a problem with some spam email and I ran ADWcleaner. There is a free download for it. It did find the offending email addresses, but in my case, it also thought my Bitdefender virus program was a culprit.  Just be sure you only remove what you need to.

Paul, highlighting an email and selecting “Move to junk and blacklist email” will route to your Junk folder any future emails from that *exact* complete address, which is relatively useless for spam.  Selecting “Move to junk and blacklist domain” will similarly route to Junk any future emails from that *exact* subdomain.domain combination.  Sometimes helpful.

Per one of your examples, blacklisting the domain: will only route to Junk future emails from “”. Spammers change subdomains frequently, so a future email from “” would not be moved to Junk, because the subdomain is different.

eMC does not have any real capabilities to detect spam, rather it appears to rely on upstream mail servers/hosts to flag email as spam. eMC will route such flagged emails to your Junk folder.

In my case, I’ve had to go to my email host/server and enable SpamAssassin, and there I’ve also manually blacklisted certain top-level-domains (such as .trade), although the latter strategy must be used with care.

Bottom line you should check with your email host(s) to see what help is available at that level.

thank you for the reply.

Do you know if it is possible to set up a rule in emclient which as an example would be

" *"  or " *.icu"

thanks in advance


Not that I could find – that’s why I did it through SpamAssassin.  I haven’t had any luck with wildcards in eMC rules, but perhaps someone else on this forum will put me straight…:slight_smile: