Stopped syncing with error

I use EMClient since 6 months and everything worked fine. But since a few weeks it doesnt work for one of my accounts anymore. Strange is that the error is thrown on the working account, while the other nonworking account (he never stops syncing while not bringing in any emails) is not throwing any error in the log.

This is the error log:

10:01:33 XXX [CardDAV]  Synchronisiere Elemente: Die Synchronisation von XXX/Kontakte/ wurde beendet: 0 hochgeladen, 0 gelöscht, 0 veraltet, 0 Elemente, 0 heruntergeladen
10:01:33 XXX [CardDAV]  Synchronisiere Elemente: Fertig
10:01:34 XXX2 [IMAP]  MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: 
10:01:34 ()
10:01:34    bei MailClient.Protocols.Imap.Synchronizer.ImapCommand.ThrowIfConnectionBroken(BasicResponse response)
10:01:34    bei MailClient.Protocols.Imap.Synchronizer.SynchronizeMessagesCommand.FetchNewMessages(ConnectionContext context, String selectPath, UInt32 idLow, UInt32 idHigh, String idList, Boolean useUid, UInt32 messageCountEstimate, Boolean newestFirst, Boolean breakOnNewMessages)
10:01:34    bei MailClient.Protocols.Imap.Synchronizer.SynchronizeMessagesCommand.ExecuteInternal(WorkerStatus status)
10:01:34    bei MailClient.Protocols.Imap.Synchronizer.ImapCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
10:01:34    bei MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)
10:01:37 XXX2 [IMAP]  Synchronisiere die Nachrichtenmarkierungen: Für Ordner XXX2/INBOX
10:01:37 XXX2 [IMAP]  Synchronisiere die Nachrichtenmarkierungen: Fertig

Maybe anyone has an idea. I really like EMClient and dont want to return to outlook…


One way that usually works in solving IMAP account problems is to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again.

Wouldnt that destroy my folder structure inside that account?

No, an IMAP or Exchange account is simply a synced copy of what is on the server. So deleting the account from an email client will not affect the data that is stored on the server. Then when you add the account as IMAP or Exchange to any other email client, an exact duplicate of what is on the server will appear.

The only danger in removing accounts from an email client is when it is setup as POP3. That will delete the folder structure and contents.

If in doubt, make a backup before you remove the account. Menu > File > Backup.

It tried it. It didnt work unfortunately. The strange thing is the same accounts work perfectly fine with emclient on my laptop.

Are the account settings the same in eM Client on both computers?

Can you disable the anti-virus and firewall and try again?

Are the account settings the same in eM Client on both computers?


Can you disable the anti-virus and firewall and try again?

That was it. I deactivated Kaspersky one time and now it works again. Very strange. Thank you very much.