Stop synchronization of account IMAP

It seems that it cannot stop the synchronization of one of my 4 accounts (IMAP). I unticked the box to not include this account but it still does.

I have this problem too. If you don ́t fix that I ́ll uninstall it.

Did you try menu/tools/accounts and on the General tab, uncheck IMAP (or any other service you wish to not include)?

No I just unticked the Box “include when send/receiving mail”. It should have done the job. Now If for some reason I want to receive mails from this account I would have to do all this and tick the IMAP?

The problem is that IMAP is pushed by the server, rather than pulled by the client.  Therefore, you will always receive IMAP messages, even if the client is not polling.  Unchecking the box as I described will stop the IMAP process completely, the inbox will not show and it will have to re-sync if you re-check it (not totally sure about that…).  My solution is only appropriate if you want to sync something besides mail (e.g., calendars or contacts).  It appears that you only want to sync on demand.

The only way to really do this is recreate the account as POP3 and check the box you did.

Thanks. That is logical.