stop or cancel running operations

I have tried to delete chat’s from my google apps account, and of course that’s causing all kinds of problems (chat’s can only exist in the chat folder etc.) And I would like to stop the operation in the few seconds the client is responsive due to the number of errors flooding in, but don’t see any option in the operations window to do this. Is there a safemode commandline flag or somethingI can run it with to go in and clear the opration? (switching to offline mode doesn’t work either unfortunately.)

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Hello, I’m not completely sure what you have in mind by delete Chat, it is not possible to delete the service out of eM client unless your chat account is setup separately in eM Client.
To disable chat, navigate to your accounts settings in Tools > Accounts > Your account > Chat, and uncheck the option “Enable service”.

By disabling the service in your accounts settings, eM Client won’t synchronize any data over the XMPP protocol for this account and you won’t be able to see the account in the list of your Chat accounts.

Hope this helps.