Stop Operations Error Message Windows

Is there any way to STOP “Operations Error” message windows from popping up? Several times a day - all day long I get a message window that says “the remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.” I really don’t need nor want to see this message continually throughout the day since the error corrects itself the next time a sync is performed. The messages are getting really irritating.

Hello Alan, unfortunately this error is caused by the unavailability of the service, this is a common error with the AirSync protocol while synchronising accounts with the Microsoft servers, are you seeing the error with your account/Calendar/ folder? This is unfortunately caused by the calendar server being swamped with too many requests at the moment, which can cause this error - unfortunately it is not possible to suppress it, but you can hide the Operations window from showing when errors occur.

To do so, navigate to Tools > Settings > General and uncheck the option “Show error when an error occurs”.

Hope this helps,